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Representative Testimonials


James R. Thompson, Chairman, Winston & Strawn

You hit a home run! …. The several partners you successfully represented to Winston & Strawn are all first-rate, and will play an important role in the growth of our new L.A. office”. You have done a fine job.”

Governor James R. Thompson
Chairman, Winston & Strawn


Timothy Scott, Partner at King & Spalding

Dear Sandy:

Thank you for finding me a great position here at King & Spalding. I commend you on understanding my practice, career objectives, not wasting my time and bringing this outstanding opportunity to my attention. Your professionalism and adherence to confidentially were very important. As you know, I was not actively looking to leave Sidley & Austin, a very fine firm, and where I headed up the litigation group in San Francisco. As I told you early on, the opportunity had to be most compelling to move. You hit a home run!

Quite frankly, over the years I have had dealings with many legal search firms. Few really know their stuff. Esquire is an exception and is clearly one of the most professional legal search firms I have ever dealt with. Thank you for your fine work.



Timothy Scott
King & Spalding


Robert Lewis, Founder and Chairman of Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith


Dear Sandy,

I’d like to thank you for being a very important and integral part of our lateral partner recruitment success over the last two decades. Esquire Legal Search has been our “go-to” legal search firm for most of that time – and the recruitment organization we have turned to you on all important search assignments. No other legal search firm has come remotely close to your level of professionalism, placement track record or ability to come through on high priority search assignments.

You have also played a very significant role in helping our firm expand in several key legal markets. When a small group of lawyers started this firm in 1979, none of us ever imagined that 34 years later we’d be closing in on 900 lawyers with 28 offices in 13 states. Our goal back then, as today was to build an outstanding organization and serving our clients. Esquire has been a highly effective partner in helping in those efforts.

In 1993 you did your first deal with us – representing a group of products liability litigators which formed the nucleus of our Sacramento office. As you know, we did not work with search firms. However, your effectiveness won us over. Since the Sacramento deal you have facilitated several law firm mergers which formed new offices in Houston, Dallas, Beaumont, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson. In addition you have helped us grow in other parts of the Nation, such as Chicago, Atlanta, New York, New Orleans and Florida and placed more than 70 partners including some who have served or serving as managing partners.

Your recruiting capabilities have extended to finance and management. Several months ago, you came through once again on our most critical executive search – placing our chief operating officer. Several years before that, your organization found our chief financial officer who served for almost ten years.

Your exceptional level of professionalism and track record of performance over two decades has been noteworthy. We appreciate your responsiveness and performance behind the scenes. In addition, you have been a pleasure to work with. We look forward to the continuance of a long and mutually productive relationship.


Robert Lewis


Robert E. Giles, Managing Partner at Perkins Coie

Dear Sandy:

We would like to thank you for doing an outstanding job in facilitating the merger of Hosie Wes Sacks & Brelsford with Perkins Coie. The merger has exceeded our expectations. You, Tom Van Dyke and the rest of your organization are to be commended for a job well done!

As you know, when we decided to expand in Northern California we set very high standards for the ideal merger candidate. We wanted a first rate group of lawyers who were not only compatible with our firm culture but who possessed key areas of expertise and clients in the technology and finance areas. After evaluating the market and law firms in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, we concluded that this was going to be a particularly demanding search.

While we met with some fine lawyers, we did not find the ideal match until you presented the Hosie Wes firm to us. After the deal was announced, Charles T. Katz, a senior Perkins Coie corporate partner was quoted in the press as saying “When I saw the resumes and information about the firm (Hosie Wes), I actually thought someone had designed it as a joke for me, it was so exactly what we had in mind”. Indeed, it is an extraordinary fit.


As you know, since the merger we have attracted several prominent attorneys including Jim Brock, Bob Zipp and David Hornick from Venture Law Group; Ralph “Buddy” Arnheim from Gunderson, Dettmer et al; Judy Jennison, Susan Stick and Kelly Smith from Fenwick & West; Roger Ross II, formerly of Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison and others.

Thanks again for presenting such a fine group of lawyers to us and for demonstrating what separates you from most other legal search firms!



Robert E. Giles
Managing Partner
Perkins Coie


Arthur Silbergeld, Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright

July 16th, 2014

Sandford A. Lechtick
President Esquire, Inc.
21241 Ventura Blvd., Suite 293
Los Angeles, CA 91364


Dear Sandy:

Thank you for handling my move. You hooked me up with a terrific law firm that matches well with my practice and career objectives. In addition to your match-making skills you were extremely effective handling critical matters behind the scenes: compensation negotiations, keeping things on track and facilitating communication on sensitive topics.

It is certainly refreshing to work with a headhunter that has such an outstanding grasp of the market and is trusted by so many decision-makers. As you can imagine, over the last three decades practicing with major firms like Proskauer and Bingham, I have been contacted by many recruiters – some of the best in the business and others not as good. Few if any measure up to your professionalism, energy or stick-to-itiveness. In fact, looking back, you initially made contact with me more than two decades ago when I practiced at McKenna Conner & Cuneo.

Over the years I always enjoyed our shop-talk discussions concerning partner moves, general trends and your market insights. And now 25 years later, you have found me a new home. Sandy, you give new meaning to the word “tenacious” and never giving up! Thanks again for all your assistance, expert advice and helping make the deal happen.

Arthur Silbergeld

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